Insiders Say Joaquin Phoenix Has Crushed It As The Joker


When the standalone Joker flick was first announced, many fans didn’t really know what to make of the project, with the film existing in its own separate continuity from Jared Leto’s escapades in the DCEU. And despite an abundance of set material making its way online, it remains up in the air whether star Joaquin Phoenix and War Dogs helmsman Todd Phillips can really pull this thing off.

That being said, Justin Shanlian of the Shanlian on Batman podcast has relayed some very enthusiastic responses to the Clown Prince of Crime’s next big screen outing, taking to Twitter to report the praise heaped on Phoenix’s performance, as well as Phillips and Scott Silver’s script:

“Been told by many that #JoaquinPhoenix has crushed it as #TheJoker

The more I hear about this project the more EXCITED I get for it! You’re ALL in for a treat when this film is released in October! Heard that the script is incredible and they’ve nailed the character of #TheJoker”

Obviously, this is all very subjective, and while it sounds like the feature has fared well with insiders so far, you couldn’t be blamed for holding onto your doubts that the director of The Hangover Part III has a Joker movie this good in him. With just under nine months to go until the film reaches cinemas, we’ve yet to see a whole lot of official material for the flick, and for fans who are still on the fence, you can expect the first proper trailer to be a real make or break moment.

That being said, when it comes to keeping its content under wraps, Joker has hardly been Avengers: Endgame, with various set photos and videos offering a pretty thorough indication of Phoenix’s screen presence as Arthur Fleck, while even suggesting the dark journey that the character will take as a notorious mischief-maker. We’ll find out how all these pics and clips cohere into an actual movie when the film hits theaters on October 4th, 2019.

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