The Walking Dead Star Teases Appearance In Rick Grimes Movie


Rick Grimes was flown away from Alexandria in a helicopter back in 2018, and we’re still waiting to find out what happened to him next. Wherever he ends up in those much-anticipated Walking Dead theatrical movies, though, it’s safe to assume the chopper’s pilot, Jadis AKA Anne, will return as well. Actress Pollyanna McIntosh isn’t ready to confirm her involvement with the project just yet, but she has teased a little bit about the first spinoff film.

While virtually taking part in GalaxyCon Live, McIntosh – who joined the show as the leader of the Scavengers in season 7 – heavily hinted that she’ll be back for the movies, but stopped short of saying it out loud.

“I may or may not be doing a Walking Dead film that Andy is involved in, playing Rick. Let’s see what happens,” McIntosh said. “We have to know what happens beyond the helicopter. So that might be something I’ve got to look forward to.”

Former TWD star Joshua Mikel (Jared) attempted to prod some details out of her, specifically about whether the film will be shooting in the US or overseas. McIntosh continued to plead the fifth though, adding she “can’t even say if I’m actually shooting it at all.” However, she did suggest it’s going to be happening “at some point.”

“Because I don’t know, of course,” McIntosh added. “That would be something that would be fun, if we were to be doing that at some point.”

Our first teaser for the movie was revealed at SDCC 2019 in the form of a brief animated promo showing the helicopter flying towards an unknown city skyline. Fans studied the animation, though, and deduced that it most resembles Philadelphia, so that seems likely to be where Rick was taken after his season 9 exit. Remember, Michonne’s final episode revealed he eventually returns to his old stomping grounds to check on his loved ones, so the films will also apparently see Rick doing some traveling.

When the first movie will arrive is a mystery, but The Walking Dead will return for its delayed season 10 finale sometime this year.