The Walking Dead Star Teases Role In Rick Grimes Movies


Details about the upcoming Walking Dead movies focused on Rick Grimes remain thin on the ground. Beyond confirming that Andrew Lincoln will be back in the role of the protagonist and revealing a teaser trailer that didn’t give much away, AMC has kept schtum about the project, but that hasn’t stopped the fans from speculating and the reports from leaking in.

One character who’s widely expected to join Rick in the films is Jadis, given that she was heavily involved in the setup storyline which played out in season 9, although this has not been officially announced. Nevertheless, the actress who plays her, Pollyanna McIntosh, recently dropped a hint that she could be cropping up in the movies.

“I may or may not be doing a Walking Dead film that Andy is involved in, playing Rick. Let’s see what happens. We have to know what happens beyond the helicopter, so that might be something I’ve got to look forward to.”

So, McIntosh hasn’t exactly confirmed that Jadis will be in the Grimes-fronted films, but the fact that she hasn’t ruled herself out is likely to be very telling. As the actress alludes to, the last time Rick was seen in the Walking Dead universe, he was being ferried to a mysterious location by helicopter, an airlift that Jadis seemingly arranged. It would be a massive surprise if she wasn’t involved, then, and the folks at IMDb seem to agree, since she’s listed among the movie’s cast on there.

Along with Jadis, several other returning characters from the TV show have been tipped to appear in the feature-length offerings, including Michonne, Shane and Rick’s son, Carl; the latter two via flashbacks, no doubt. Story details are a closely-guarded secret, although reports suggest the films will center on twisted human experiments and a plot to rescue Rick. There have also been rumors that the movies could pave the way for Rick to return to the mainline TV series, possibly to lead it towards its ultimate conclusion.

Of course, it could well be the case that AMC is holding back any further announcements until season 10’s delayed final episode is able to air. The network hasn’t said exactly when that will be, beyond assuring fans that it’s coming “this year,” but as always, we’ll keep you posted on updates from across the Walking Dead universe as soon as they emerge.