The Walking Dead: World Beyond Trailer Teases The Truth About Rick’s Disappearance


The Walking Dead is expanding all the time and soon we’ll have a third TV series joining the parent show and Fear later this year. We’re talking about The Walking Dead: World Beyonda new young adult-themed take on the post-apocalyptic universe. However, the latest promo for the show promises that it’ll have direct ties to the rest of the franchise and even set up another fresh corner of the TWD brand – those upcoming Andrew Lincoln movies.

Following TWD season 10 wrapping up (for now) last night, the franchise’s official Twitter released a new trailer which features clips from previous episodes of the original series and Fear pertaining to the mysterious Civic Republic Military, whose helicopters and interlocking circles logo has been featured in various places across the franchise. “Learn the truth…” the caption teases, promising that the facts about those behind the disappearance of Rick Grimes will come out in the spinoff.

Rick was written out of TWD in season 9’s fifth episode when the former Alexandrian leader was left badly wounded and “rescued” – really kidnapped – by Anne, who was revealed to be in league with the CRM. Rick was taken away from his loved ones by helicopter and where he ended up we’ll find out in the first of a trilogy of films, which originally supposed to arrive this year but is likely now held up until 2021 or even later.

Danai Gurira recently left the parent series as well, with her final episode seeing Michonne discovering that Rick is still alive, with him also having been back in the area without reuniting her with and their kids, for some reason. Again, we’ll have to be patient while we wait for answers, but at least now we know that a few pieces of the puzzle will come together in The Walking Dead: World Beyond