Warner Bros. CEO Talks Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Early Screening, 2016 Delay


Amid the cavalcade of news, screenshots and interviews hitting the interwebs in the past month or so, one Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice tidbit that piqued the collective interest of fans more so than anything else was the fact that Warner Bros. had reportedly screened an early cut of the superhero showdown to executives. First picked up by Den of Geek, the screening was met with a “standing ovation,” leaving moviegoers pining for more information beyond the show-stopping Comic-Con trailer released last month.

Due to arrive at the beginning of 2016, the long and arduous wait for Dawn of Justice is also being felt by Warner’s big wigs, given that the studio is lacking a bona fide juggernaut this year now that Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy has concluded. Then again, according to the company’s CEO Kevin Tsujihara, the decision to postpone Zack Snyder’s universe building epic was ultimately the right decision, as any attempt of rushing what is shaping up to be the cornerstone of the DCEU could have had massive ramifications.


Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Tsujihara acknowledged the gaping hole in WB’s slate for 2015, but one only needs to take a glance at the company’s future slate of superhero films to realize that the studio is effectively pulling back in order to spring forward.

“It was a tough decision at the time because it was going to create a hole in 2015. But it was absolutely the right decision for the franchise, for DC and the movie. Having seen the movie multiple times, and again last night, I’m extremely confident it was the right decision to make the movie better. And it’s so important for the studio to get the foundation right on DC.”

Issuing the go-ahead for an eight-month delay was a decision that Tsujihara and the surrounding WB staff didn’t take lightly. Still, considering that the tide is beginning to shift in the film’s favor following a strong appearance at Comic-Con, Warner’s move will no doubt benefit Dawn of Justice in the long run. After all, this is a film staring DC’s heroic trifecta, and we have no doubt it’ll draw in the crowds no matter when it launches.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice opens on March 25, 2016. To whet your appetite, check out some recently released photos below, and start counting down the days until what is arguably the biggest film of the last decade.

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