Warner Bros. Now Eyeing Seth Rogen For Penguin In The Batman


Casting news for The Batman has been coming in thick and fast over the last few weeks. The long-delayed project is finally going before the cameras in early 2020 and we’ve recently heard that Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman and Jeffrey Wright’s Commission Gordon will be joining Robert Pattinson’s Batman, as well as authoritative reports telling us that Jonah Hill was all but locked in to play either the Riddler or Penguin.

As of today, however, we’re hearing that talks have broken down, probably due to Hill’s pay packet. But nestled away in that story was the intriguing prospect of Seth Rogen being eyed for the Penguin. Yup, the affable stoner everyman may soon be stepping into Oswald Cobblepot’s dapper suit and getting ready to wave a machine-gun umbrella in our faces.

Then again, THR claims that though Rogen was indeed in the running at one point, he’s no longer wanted for the role. We’re not sure which outlet to believe, but in any case, while I try my best not to judge an actor by their previous roles – just look at how silly the people who said Heath Ledger would be a terrible Joker looked – I’m really having trouble visualizing Rogen being at all threatening or sinister. That said, he’s certainly hinted at some dramatic chops before.

In 2009, he played a largely straight, dramatic role in Judd Apatow’s Funny People, so maybe he does have a bit more range than his general choice of projects suggests. Still, if (as it appears) Warner Bros. is gradually working their way through the cast of This Is the End, I’d much rather see Danny McBride or James Franco as Batman villains over Rogen.

Regardless, expect to hear some confirmation of this sooner rather than later. Despite talks with Jonah Hill falling through, it’s a dead cert that Warner Bros. had been in negotiations with other actors at the same time and now that Hill’s off the table, we might see them moving forward with their second choice in the next few weeks.

Source: Deadline