Warner Bros. hoping to develop more ‘Harry Potter’ spinoffs


It may have been a decade since the original eight-film franchise ended, but the Harry Potter brand shows no signs of waning in popularity anytime soon, if ever.

Fans are hyped for HBO Max’s upcoming 20th anniversary reunion special, while the first trailer for prequel Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore generated plenty of interest, even if there was the inevitable backlash being directed towards Mads Mikkelsen replacing Johnny Depp as the new and perhaps even improved antagonist.

We’ve heard a multitude of rumors that WarnerMedia were keen to develop even more offshoots of the Wizarding World, with talk turning to potential episodic streaming exclusives set in the universe. While nothing has been confirmed or announced as of yet, CEO Ann Sarnoff was hardly shy about her intentions in a conference with Bloomberg via The Hollywood Reporter.

“We would love to develop more original Harry Potter series, and we regularly talk to JK Rowling and her team. It’s got to be right though. Whatever we do has to be true to the canon, and true to the ethos of the Wizarding World, and who Harry is.”

We can all agree that it’s inevitable more Harry Potter content is coming, even if the worst case scenario unfolds and Fantastic Beasts doesn’t make it to five movies. The books will eventually be remade as either feature films or a TV show, but before that, there are clearly designs on WB’s part to continue mining J.K. Rowling’s source material for inspiration given the name value the Boy Who Lived still holds in the pop culture sphere.