Warner Bros. Reportedly Wanted A Christian Bale Cameo In The Flash

christian bale batman

When Michael Keaton briefly cast doubt on his involvement in The Flash before being officially confirmed for a second time, chatter instantly sprung up that Warner Bros. were seeking to line up Christian Bale as the movie’s multiversal Batman should the deal to secure Tim Burton’s Dark Knight fall through.

During that brief whirlwind of scuttlebutt we heard multiple rumors that Bale was in talks for the Scarlet Speedster’s solo debut, the studio were prepared to throw money at him to make it happen even if he would only do so should Christopher Nolan approve, but from an official standpoint nothing concrete was ever confirmed.

Of course, Batman is the only role the Academy Award winner has ever played more than once and he’s never even made a cameo appearance in anything during a career that dates back over 30 years, but insider KC Walsh recently intimated on social media that WB reportedly had a plan in place in the off-chance he could be convinced, as you can see below.

Bale already turned down the opportunity for a fourth solo outing under the cape and cowl, so the chances of him showing up for a fan-baiting cameo always seemed slim. Two versions of Batman in The Flash is definitely more than enough to keep people happy, even without the star of the Dark Knight Trilogy.