Warner Bros. Said To Be Shelving Superman In Favor Of Supergirl


DC fans have been wondering what’s going to happen with Superman on the big screen for a while now, as reports tell us that Henry Cavill may be hanging up his red cape and retiring as the Man of Steel. Now, a new rumor’s claiming that Warner Bros. knows about as much as we do when it comes to Supes’ future in the DCEU, as the studio may be planning to shelve the character for the moment to make way for Kal-El’s cousin Supergirl to join the franchise.

Forbes is reporting that WB has parked their plans for Superman for the time being as they’re more interested in pursuing bringing Supergirl to the big screen instead. Helen Slater previously played the Girl of Steel in 1984’s universally-panned movie, but nowadays, there’s a major call for female superhero films, so it makes sense that WB wants to capitalize on that as well as the increased fanbase that the character’s received from The CW’s version.

“Superman has been shelved for now, as a temporary measure to let Supergirl step into the limelight and carry the Kryptonian banner for a little while on the big screen, as the worlds of DC continue to evolve and solidify a path forward.”

Something tells us that Forbes could be onto something here. We’ve certainly heard a lot more about a Supergirl film recently than a Man of Steel 2Last fall, it was rumored that the project could be set in the 1970s and feature Brainiac as its main villain – this second point has even been reinforced by another report from last month. Then again, Henry Cavill’s team recently denied that there was any bad blood between the actor and the studio, so maybe he isn’t done as Supes just yet?

Regardless, if Supergirl starts flying soon, then perhaps it could land in cinemas in either 2021 or 2022. While we wait to learn more, though, tell us, who would you like to see play Kara Zor-El in the Worlds of DC? Have your say in the comments section down below.