Henry Cavill’s Team Denies Latest Man Of Steel 2 Rumors

Man of steel superman

We’ve known for a while that Henry Cavill’s future with DC was in doubt, but a recent report seemed to clear up the matter of why exactly that was. Revenge of the Fans claimed that the Superman star had a long list of demands for Warner Bros., essentially wanting creative control over a potential Man of Steel 2. As the studio didn’t want to acquiesce to his requests, negotiations apparently stalled.

Cavill’s own team have now responded to the report, however, and dismissed it outright. Following ROTF’s article, Collider contacted the British actor’s representatives and they confirmed that the rumor was “patently inaccurate” and insisted that there was “no truth to this.” So nope, it sounds like we can safely say that Cavill is not making demands such as wanting a hefty pay rise, a producer credit and script and director approval.

This is just the latest confusing turn in Cavill’s ongoing relationship with the Man of Steel. Though reports say he’s not returning, the actor has continued to show his love for the character on various social media platforms and his fellow DC heroes – like Aquaman‘s Jason Momoa and Shazam!‘s Zachary Levi – have maintained that Cavill’s still committed to playing the Last Son of Krypton. But then the actor himself seems to be avoiding talking about Supes in interviews, causing even more confusion.

We guess with the Ben Affleck enigma cleared up, we still need to have a big question mark over one of the Justice League member’s futures in the DCEU. It’d be nice if Cavill did come back, though, rather than having WB reboot the character again like they are with Batman. The last we heard was that James Gunn was offered Man of Steel before he chose to take on the Suicide Squad sequel. Whether this would’ve seen Superman recast – Michael B. Jordan, maybe? – we don’t know, but it at least seems like the studio’s got future plans for the iconic hero.