WB Offered James Gunn A Superman Movie Before Suicide Squad 2

Superman-is-Flat-Out-Angry-in-Man-Of-Steel (1)

By now, I’m sure most of you have heard that James Gunn is writing and directing a rather high profile DC-based movie for Warner Bros., that being The Suicide Squad. If the title sounds at all peculiar to you, that’s because it’s said to be more of a reboot than a sequel. Call me crazy, but even though 2016’s Suicide Squad overseen by David Ayer was a somewhat divisive flick, it was a financial and merchandising success. That said, one could argue throwing everything out the door wouldn’t make much sense.

Believe it or not though, Gunn could’ve gone in an entirely different direction and charted a new course for the Last Son of Krypton. As it turns out, when the former Guardians of the Galaxy director was brought aboard after being let go by Marvel Studios, WB offered him a variety of DC properties – including Superman.

As of now, no reason was given for Gunn passing on the Man of Steel in The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision newsletter which made us privy to such info, but it could be easy to assume that he enjoys working with ensembles. In fact, his outing with Task Force X is already said to have somewhat of a Guardians vibe to it.

If there’s anything positive to be said about Big Blue being passed over, it’s that WB are willing to go ahead with a Superman movie if the right filmmaker were to express interest – even if the character’s on the backburner for the foreseeable future.

Strangely enough, Gunn supposedly developed an affinity for Krypto the Superdog during his research, so there are already theories circulating of him having some involvement with the DC Super Pets movie slated for release on May 21st, 2021.

In any case, while there’s nothing new pertaining to Superman to look forward to right now, know that you’ll be able to catch The Suicide Squad beginning on August 6th, 2021.