Watch: Adam Sandler Shows He’s Still Got It To Celebrate Happy Gilmore’s 25th Anniversary

Adam Sandler

1995’s Billy Madison may have been Adam Sandler’s first major starring vehicle that set the template for the rest of his career, but it was the following year’s Happy Gilmore that saw the actor firmly settle into the groove that would go on to define him, and that’s without even mentioning that both combined to inspire the name of his all-conquering production company.

The golf comedy also marked Sandler’s first collaboration with director Denis Dugan, who has since gone on to helm a further seven of the leading man’s movies, while it was his second script in conjunction with writer Tim Herlihy, who’s long since become part of the Happy Madison furniture after penning an additional ten of the outfit’s efforts.

It’s also one of the most popular entries in Sandler’s back catalogue among his army of fans, not to mention one of his very few films to have secured a Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Believe it or not, Happy Gilmore was released a quarter of a century ago, and to mark the occasion, the actor hit the golf course to prove that he’s still retained the title hero’s signature swing, as you can see below.

happy gilmore

If that wasn’t enough, Shooter McGavin star Christopher McDonald responded in character as the two former fairway nemeses rekindled their rivalry on social media.

That’s a nice touch from both gentlemen to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Happy Gilmore, and it’ll no doubt inevitably lead to a stirring of sequel talk. Maybe they can even bring back Bob Barker to recreate his famous fight scene from the movie given that his appearance led to a resurgence in his popularity among the younger generation, even if the former Price is Right host is now 97 years old.