Watch: Tobey Maguire Suits Back Up In Spider-Man 4 Fan Trailer

Spider-Man 4

Remember Tobey Maguire? For those of you who are still young, he used to be Spider-Man. There’ve been so many movies featuring the hero since his time in the suit though that it feels like a lifetime ago that he was the first to play the Marvel character on the big screen. It also doesn’t help that we haven’t seen Maguire, the actor, in quite some time, either.

Sam Raimi was the director behind the Maguire Spider-Man trilogy and he intended to make Spider-Man 4. Unfortunately, though, due to the negative reaction to the third film, plans for another one were scrapped. But fear not, for YouTuber Billy Crammer, the man who brought us the recent Bumblebee 2 fan trailer as well as that awesome Fantastic Four preview has now given us our only hope for a fourth Maguire movie.

Using footage from just about every version of the character we’ve seen so far, including the video games, the trailer showcases the continued struggles of Peter Parker. The guy just can’t seem to balance his superhero work with his real life it seems and as you can see, this fan trailer hints at John Malkovich playing the villain, which makes sense.

After all, the actor was going to play the Vulture in Spider-Man 4, before the part eventually went to Michael Keaton in Spider-Man: Homecoming. But we also get a tease of the Sinister Six here, which is something Sony’s been trying to implement into the story for years and it looks like they’re finally about to achieve that goal.

Personally, Maguire isn’t my favorite Spider-Man. In hindsight, he was much too old to be playing the character and those high school scenes in the original film are a little rough. Still, it’s always nostalgic seeing his version of the wall-crawler from the early ‘00s.

Honestly, my only nitpick with this trailer is that it implies Spider-Man is from Brooklyn. As fans will surely know, though, he’s actually from Queens. That aside, it’s another fantastic effort from the talented Crammer.