Watch: Benedict Cumberbatch’s sorcerer faces his fears in new ‘Doctor Strange 2’ TV spot

doctor strange 2
Image via Marvel Studios

Now that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is finally here, we’re getting to find out just how the much-anticipated movie measures up to all the expectations that surrounded it in the run-up to its release. And while it doesn’t quite contain everything fans wanted to see — there are fewer crossover cameos, for instance — one way in which it inarguably delivers in its horror content, with the film easily standing as the MCU’s scariest entry to date.

This new TV spot for Doctor Strange 2 has the perfect lead-in, then, by opening with a clip of Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams) telling Benedict Cumberbatch’s Stephen the sorcerer to “face your fears.” And that’s probably something a lot of audience members will have to do while watching the movie, too, as it’s full of brilliantly pitched jump-scare moments. So many, in fact, that fans are wondering how it got away with its PG-13 certificate.

We wouldn’t expect any less from director Sam Raimi, however, with the former Spider-Man filmmaker definitely harking back to his roots with this one, with some labelling it as a backdoor Evil Dead 4. Obviously, the sequel isn’t as hardcore as a full-on horror flick but, having said that, parents may still have to think twice before taking any particularly young Marvel fans to see it. For those a little older, Doctor Strange 2 could well act as a gateway into the horror genre for them.

Elsewhere, this promo highlights some of the highly positive reviews the movie’s earning itself, including a promise that it’s one of the best Marvel entries ever. A lot of folks certainly feel that way, although it has to be said that Doctor Strange 2 is proving to be very divisive. Make your own mind up, if you haven’t already, by catching it in theaters now.