Watch: Bloodshot Deleted Scene Welcomes Vin Diesel Back From The Dead


A deleted scene from Vin Diesel actioner Bloodshot has been released online, giving an extra fragment of the mediocre film should you actually wish to see it, and can be viewed above.

The movie follows marine Ray Garrison, who’s killed by a group of mercenaries in revenge for foiling an operation of theirs. He’s resurrected using nanotechnology by a cybernetic company specializing in enhancing injured soldiers, only to realize he’s being repeatedly implanted with false memories and used as an assassin to take out their competition.

The deleted scene takes place early in the movie after Ray (confusingly, he’s never once actually referred to as Bloodshot) is brought back from the dead for what he believes to be the first time, providing him with a little information about his new physical and psychological state. It briefly touches on an explanation for why the process resulted in his memory being erased while all of his other faculties remained undamaged, and also demonstrates that his mental capacity has been enhanced in an obliquely defined way.


The film itself hasn’t been doing too well, first due to its cinema run being cut short by theaters closing down due to the coronavirus pandemic, and then the subsequent online release not instilling people with much in the way of enthusiasm for its generic plotting and largely uninspired action. Even the trailer didn’t inspire much confidence, unambiguously revealing several plot spoilers that I might have otherwise been wary of posting above, but were probably necessary due to there being so little in the way of actual story to tease.

Bloodshot is simplistic enough that this brief scene was likely considered extraneous to requirements, and so was deleted to maintain the brisk pace the movie sets for itself and not slow things down with unnecessary dialogue, but at the same time, having people interact with one another using something other than growls and threats might have given some welcome variance.