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Watch: Bruce Willis Looks More Bored Than Ever In Survive The Game Trailer

Bruce Willis looks more bored than ever before in the first trailer for his next VOD effort, Survive the Game.

It has been a long time since Bruce Willis treated his onscreen appearances with anything other than complete and utter apathy, but the guy can still show up on set for one day to film all of his scenes, and regularly leaves as the highest-paid cast member on whatever VOD action thriller he’s signed on for, so fair play to him on that front.

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However, we may have a new winner in the ‘how bored can Bruce Willis possibly look?’ stakes with Survive the Game, which releases on October 8th. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, you’d have to imagine that it’s a sequel to last year’s Survive the Night that also starred the Die Hard legend and Chad Michael Murray, otherwise things have gone well beyond the point of laziness.


Then again, Willis’ IMDb page lists him and Murray as David and Eric in Survive the Game, but they played Frank and Rich Clark in Survive the Night. Have these two actors teamed up for a movie with almost exactly the same name as one they starred in less than a year and a half ago, but it isn’t a direct sequel? How does this happen? And why didn’t anybody notice? Even for the VOD market, that would be wild, but not completely shocking.

It looks exactly how you’d expect from current-era Bruce Willis, meaning that the plot is questionable and the acting even more so, but these types of disposable genre efforts always have their fans. Survive the Game marks the 66 year old’s seventh credit since May 2020, and they’re all cut from an almost identical cloth.

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