Watch: Bruce Willis Returns To Outer Space In Cosmic Sin Trailer

Cosmic Sin

Bruce Willis’ unstoppable desire to appear in as many exclusive VOD releases as possible continues at pace this year, with the action icon set to star in a further five movies before the end of 2021. Four of them are cut from the standard action thriller cloth that’s become his bread and butter over the last decade, but he’s returning to sci-fi once again in the upcoming Cosmic Sin.

The 65 year-old has headlined some fine efforts in the genre over the years including 12 Monkeys, The Fifth Element, Armageddon and Looper, but his most recent stab at heading beyond the stars in 2020’s Breach was widely dismissed by critics, with Willis not even trying to disguise his general lack of interest in the project.

However, while Cosmic Sin‘s footage of the Die Hard legend going through the motions hardly promises a scintillating return to charismatic form, the trailer doesn’t make it look that bad at all. The visual effects are undeniably impressive for what’s presumably a relatively low budget production, and the basic plot of an elite group of soldiers tasked with wiping out a newly discovered alien civilization has the potential to deliver something along the lines of Predator meets Edge of Tomorrow, albeit on a much smaller scale.

Despite Willis being all over the trailer, Frank Grillo takes top billing in Cosmic Sin, and he’s always proven to be a watchable presence at the very least in the action realm. It hardly promises anything new or groundbreaking, but based on the first promo alone, the pic could deliver some reasonably diverting entertainment for fans of action/sci-fi hybrids when it hits digital and VOD on March 12th.