Watch: New Clip From Jamie Foxx’s Netflix Superhero Movie

Project Power

Netflix truly is a digital assembly line of content. Fresh off of the success of The Old Guard, the streaming platform released the first trailer for another superhero movie, Project Power. And as we get closer and closer to the pic’s release on August 14th, the streaming giant is slowly rolling out promotional material to market the film – like this new clip up above.

At just over a minute long, the scene in question sees Frank (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) chasing down a criminal attempting to steal money. The catch is, this criminal is invisible during the pursuit. And after it looks like he kills Frank with a gunshot to the head, the cop gets back up and appears to have superhuman strength.

The clip, as well as the trailer, is focusing on the visual effects to sell the film and rightfully so. The slo-mo bullet time is something we’ve obviously seen before, but the closeup of the bullet seemingly bouncing off Gordon-Levitt’s face is a cool shot nonetheless.

The concept is also intriguing: A local drug gives you the power of a superhero for five minutes. The catch is you don’t know what power you’ll get and your body might outright reject the drug, resulting in deadly consequences.

The five-minute time limit as well as the unstable nature of the drug is what makes Project Power unique from other superhero movies, and gives the film more drama and stakes that hopefully make up the main focus of the story rather than the cool visuals. In any case, there has to be something there for the likes of Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt to sign on, right?

Project Power is written by Mattson Tomlin (The Batman) and directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman (Catfish, Nerve), and hits Netflix on August 14th.