Watch: First Clip From Zack Snyder’s Justice League Debuts

Justice League

Our first clip from Zack Snyder’s Justice League has debuted via IGN Fest today, taking the form of a stylish CG sequence that could only come from a Snyder movie. The two-minute scene, labelled as “Mother Box Origins,” features every member of the League sculpted onto each of the six sides of the Apokoliptian device, as set to Tom Waits’ “Time.”

There are a number of easter eggs and references to the characters’ individual arcs here, too. For instance, don’t miss Robin’s gravestone in the Batman portion of the scene. Snyder confirmed via IGN Fest that he’s responsible for sneaking in as many nods to the wider universe as possible in there, some of which refer to pre-existing movies and others that tease the filmmaker’s plans beyond JL. 

“I doodled all those. There’s a million Easter eggs in it, and if you go look there’s storylines that I had been working on that if the film had been continued or if you look at the past histories, there’s a bunch of little details in there for everybody,” Snyder said. “It’s really worth taking a long slow look at because it’s really fun, and I think for fans it’s really a treat.”

While this sequence is described as a clip by IGN, it’s difficult to see where it would fit in the feature film itself. Although, we could be looking at the closing credits sequence with the credits removed. That’s an unusual thing to share before the movie’s been released, but it’s a smart way of offering up more content without giving anything away. And Snyder’s already treated us to a ton of spoilers so far.

Remember, Zack Snyder’s Justice League isn’t your average special edition that adds in 30 minutes or so and calls it a day. Rather, it’s set to clock in at just over four hours in length, packing in everything that Snyder shot the first time around which was thrown out during the reshoots. Not to mention the additional material he filmed specially for this release, including Jared Leto’s Joker cameo. Don’t miss it on HBO Max from March 18th.