Zack Snyder’s Justice League Final Runtime Reportedly Revealed


It’s a strange situation to have a movie I hated three years ago somehow become my most anticipated release of 2021, but nothing about Justice League has been normal. Fans campaigned for years to see the fabled Snyder Cut, with many writing off their wish as unrealistic, denying that the cut ever existed or unfairly dubbing them toxic. But those ‘industry experts’ were forced to eat their words last year when WB revealed that Zack Snyder’s Justice League is real and would hit HBO Max in 2021.

It was recently confirmed that the pic will land on March 18th for a simultaneous worldwide premiere. But how much time should you set aside for this cinematic behemoth? Well, previous reports said the Snyder Cut would come in at 214 minutes (or 3.5 hours), but now a press release for the Mexican market has revised that upwards and lists the film as being 4 hours, 1 minute and 28 seconds long.

One caveat is that the presentation apparently includes an intermission and chapter breaks for viewers who don’t want to watch it all in one go, so it remains to be seen if that listed runtime takes that into account.

Either way, DCEU fans are in for a treat. Jared Leto is reprising the Joker in a new scene with BatmanJoe Manganiello is getting another chance at Deathstroke, Ezra Miller shot new Flash scenes from the Fantastic Beasts 3 set, and then there’s the long-awaited debut of the god of all evil, Darkseid.

All that’s coming in an enticingly R-rated package, with Snyder revealing that the Dark Knight (and possibly also Cyborg) says “fu*k” and that the redesigned Steppenwolf is far more brutal than the dork from the theatrical cut. In fact, according to the director, the Apokalyptian villain is “pretty much just hacking people in half.” Hell yeah.

For my part, I’m taking March 18th off work, stocking up on popcorn and will watch Zack Snyder’s Justice League straight through in one butt-numbing sitting. After so long, let’s hope it’s worth the wait.