Watch: The Avengers Battle Coronavirus In Awesome Fan Trailer


If there’s one team who can save us all from COVID-19, it’s the Avengers. At least, that’s according to YouTuber and fan trailer creator Billy Crammer. Seen above, his latest effort pits our favorite superhero group against the silent killer. Only in this version, COVID-19 eventually turns millions of people into zombies.

Using footage from several Avengers movies as well as World War Z and Contagion, this is a pretty seamless trailer considering that it’s also dealing with a real-life event. And it’s because of that that it’s both effective and somewhat scary considering its use of real footage, featuring Dr. Fauci and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. In fact, this one might hit a little too close to home.

But Crammer is able to lighten the mood a bit by including a hilarious joke about the toilet paper supply running out, causing Thanos to slowly back right out of the planet. Think about all that time wasted fighting the Mad Titan when all they had to do is use up all the TP. Come to think of it, maybe he’s just walking away because the coronavirus will do the work for him?

Also, if the Avengers ever had to deal with a deadly virus, there would have to be zombies. After all, who else would they fight? As much as I’d love seeing Tony Stark and Bruce Banner in a lab looking through microscopes and presenting really cool PowerPoint presentations, it isn’t exactly cinematic. It’s like if Steven Soderbergh directed a Marvel movie. I’d definitely watch that, but it probably wouldn’t make money.

In any case, the heroes right now in the world are medical professionals and first responders. We can watch Avengers movies to escape from the crisis, sure, but it’s the real heroes we should be thanking and supporting.