Watch: Cosmic Sin Clip Proves That Bruce Willis Isn’t Even Trying Anymore

Bruce Willis

Between the two of them, Cosmic Sin co-stars Bruce Willis and Frank Grillo have fourteen movies set for release this year, which easily makes them a pair of the industry’s most prolific actors. However, their application levels couldn’t be more different.

Grillo can currently be seen tearing it up opposite Mel Gibson in Hulu’s hit actioner Boss Level, where he puts himself through the physical wringer as he does on the majority of his projects. Willis, meanwhile, has been phoning it in for a decade at this point, sleepwalking through a constant string of VOD actioners where he shows up, puts in the minimal amount of effort and typically walks away with his face all over the marketing and a solid paycheck.

It’s not really a generational thing, either, with the Die Hard legend only ten years older than his opposite number, but even the latest clip from Cosmic Sin showcases their different approaches in a microcosm. Grillo gets the requisite ‘saying the name of the movie in a line of dialogue’ moment, and he tries to sell what’s a patently ridiculous roundtable exchange with some conviction, but Willis looks as though he’s struggling to stay awake.

Cosmic Sin releases on VOD this Friday, with the plot following an elite group of intergalactic soldiers who discover an alien civilization and receive their orders to wipe it out. It’s a standard setup and early reviews haven’t been too kind, but Grillo is typically a reliable presence in the realms of B-tier action and the trailer at least promised some decent visual effects that might entice fans of the sci-fi genre, even if it looks to feature the latest in a long line of apathetic Bruce Willis performances.