Watch: Crazed Fanboy Targets Friday The 13th Stars In Upcoming Horror Film


There’s an infamous line in the slasher favorite, Scream, that truly hits a nerve. “Movies don’t create psychos; movies make psychos more creative.” Of course, in terms of the way it’s said in the film, the idea couldn’t have been more accurate.

That idea rings true for another film, too, and it’s going to be a killer. The Friday The 13th-inspired 13 Fanboy is making its big debut in theaters and VOD next month, and it’s going to take a look at a film buff who takes his love for the Friday movies many steps too far.

So who is behind the 13 Fanboy film? A horror fan and actress named Deborah Vorhees. An actress in Friday The 13th: A New Beginning, among other credits, Vorhees has a Facebook group where the journey to 13 Fanboy can be followed, as well as a Facebook page for the movie and a merchandise page.

In addition to Facebook and merch shops, the trailer for the film is finally here, and fans can take a look at the titular fanboy’s descent into slasher-madness, along with the targeted Friday actresses he plots to kill.

The official premise of the film sounds incredible and will pay homage to the slasher films we all know and love:

Our horror thriller brings your favorite Friday the 13th actors back to the big screen in an entirely new horror series about a fan, who takes his love for the series too far and targets the real-life women from the franchise to kill them like they were killed in the Friday films or to ‘improve’ their deaths. 13 Fanboy melds the slasher-style kills that Friday is famous for and the heart-pounding thrillers such as Hush and Cape Fear. We will be using all practical effects, NO CGI to honor the 80s slashers.”

Part love letter to the original Friday series, and part throwback to ’80s horror without CGI, 13 Fanboy will undeniably be a gore-filled delight. The film hits VOD, drive-ins, and theaters on Oct. 22, so get ready to round up your horror-loving friends for a night of slasher nostalgia.