Watch: Cyborg Takes Center Stage In New Justice League Teaser

Justice League

The mere mention of Ray Fisher’s name is probably enough to garner a reaction of some description in the Warner Bros. boardroom, with the actor sticking to his guns so firmly that he’s retired from his role as the DCEU’s Cyborg after revealing that he won’t play Victor Stone under any circumstances as long as Walter Hamada is still president of DC Films.

Cyborg is the only big screen character that the 33 year-old has ever portrayed, of course, and at one stage he was being set up as a major part of the franchise’s future. While there was a lot of skepticism surrounding the idea of a solo movie for the hero, which obviously never happened, he was also set to be an integral supporting player in The Flash and have a substantial arc in Justice League.

As we all know, Fisher is not exactly Joss Whedon’s biggest fan, but just like the rest of the cast, he can’t praise Zack Snyder highly enough. Before the Snyder Cut came along, it wouldn’t be too unfair to say that Cyborg’s contributions to the DCEU were minimal at best and pointless at worst, but he’s set to have a much bigger part in the narrative the second time out.

And based on the latest hero-centric teaser for Justice League, we’ll be diving deeper into Cyborg’s backstory and motivations when the HBO Max exclusive arrives next week on March 18th. It’s about time he was given something to do instead of just being that guy that stands at the fringes of the requisite hero shots, but it’s certainly bittersweet for Fisher and his fans to know that we won’t be seeing him suit up again.