Watch: Dwayne Johnson confirms ‘Black Adam’ has finally wrapped shooting

black adam
via DC Films

In Black Adam, Dwayne Johnson’s anti-hero Teth-Adam has been imprisoned for 5,000 years…and that’s honestly how long it feels like we’ve been waiting to see The Rock’s much-anticipated DCEU debut. Johnson has been attached to the role for 15 years — no, really — but first, his busy schedule and then COVID kept pushing production on the movie back. But, with just four months to go until it hits cinemas, Black Adam has now at last wrapped up.

Johnson confirmed that reshoots on the Jaume Collet-Serra directorial effort concluded this Tuesday by sharing a video from the set which sees him reciting a very un-Adam like NSFW message. “A parting message from The Man In Black himself,” the future POTUS wrote. “The finishing touches are complete. That’s a wrap. World premiere trailer drops TOMORROW!”

Then, as Johnson appears to be contractually obliged to write in every one of his BA posts, he added, “The hierarchy of power in the DC universe will change […] and who says Black Adam doesn’t have a sense of humor.” Watch the video via this here tweet to see what else he had to say:

As Johnson reminds us, the first full trailer for the film is coming this Wednesday, so expect it to feature our best look yet at The Rock’s ancient thunder-fisted champion of Kahndaq. Plus, we’re guessing there’ll be some further glimpses of iconic superhero team the Justice Society of America, too, including Aldis Hodge’s Hawkman, Noah Centineo’s Atom Smasher, Quintessa Swindell’s Cyclone, and Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fate. And if it doesn’t contain Adam saying the line “Toodaloo, motherf***ers,” we’ll be sorely disappointed.

Coming a full year later than was originally planned, and after two further shuffles around the schedules, Black Adam finally, finally storms into cinemas this Oct. 21. Don’t miss the no-doubt explosive new trailer when it drops tomorrow, June 8.