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Watch: Dwayne Johnson doesn’t suffer fools in new ‘Black Adam’ trailer

Bow down to the new hierarchy of power.

No self-respecting San Diego Comic-Con panel for a massive blockbuster is complete without a new trailer, and Dwayne Johnson was always going to deliver the good on his first appearance in Hall H, with the A-list megastar turning up in style and making an instant impression in promotion of Black Adam.

Having made a jaw-dropping debut by showing up in full costume as the DC Comics antihero, the world’s biggest and highest-paid movie star certainly made an impression those in attendance will never forget. The panel itself offered plenty of brand new insights into October’s impending blockbuster, but the brand new trailer that just dropped has given fans a clue as to how The Rock plans to change the hierarchy of power in the DC universe forever.

As the footage will attest, the answer appears to come from kicking ass and taking names, with the all-powerful antihero set on a rampage of revenge following the death of his family, and you don’t want to be within a thousand yards of anyone unlucky enough to suffer his wrath.

The response to the debut trailer that released a while back wasn’t universally enthusiastic, with many pointing out that it came across as more of a quip-happy Marvel Studios effort than the content put out by the altogether grittier DCEU, but that doesn’t mean there’s any other outcome besides Black Adam tearing the box office a new one when the Man in Black channels the star’s WWE persona by putting boots to asses, laying the smackdown, and dropping bombs on unsuspecting audiences everywhere.

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