Watch: Elsa Pataky explains how she trained to kick butt in Netflix’s ‘Interceptor’

Interceptor star Elsa Pataky is giving the behind-the-scenes lowdown on how she trained to kick some serious butt in the Netflix film.

The movie is about a lone officer, played by Pataky, being the last line of defense in a battle for her life — and her country — amidst a group of terrorists who have 16 stolen nuclear weapons aimed at the U.S.

The filmmakers are touting Pataky as having gotten into shape on the same level as Linda Hamilton portraying Sarah Connor in Terminator 2. That is a comparison with a bar so high that it would make even the most muscular gym rat hesitate to attempt a pullup on it. But judging by Pataky’s biceps alone, in the new behind-the-scenes clip, we’re guessing she has the guns to accomplish such a feat, and not to mention save the world.

The movie, produced by Thor star Chris Hemsworth, boasts pulse-pounding stakes, stoic performances, smooth action choreography, and an overall ride that will surely make your stomach drop like a stone, based on the trailer. Even though the film, which was released over the weekend, eventually got a roasting by people on Twitter, this behind-the-scenes clip casts little doubt on Pataky’s commitment to the role.

Pataky, perhaps best known for starring in the Fast and Furious film franchise, stars as JJ Collins, who is a United States Army captain assigned as a commander for a remote nuclear missile interceptor station. But a terrorist group, led by Luke Bracey’s Alexander, swarms the station, forcing Collins to put on the full display of her tactical acumen, acquired from rigorous military training over the years, in order to protect her home country from total nuclear annihilation.

Interceptor, having premiered this past Friday, is available to stream on Netflix now.