Watch: final ‘Jackass Forever’ trailer shows how to grow old disgracefully


We’ve been waiting a long time to see it, twelve years even if you don’t count the multitude of pandemic-related delays, but Jackass Forever is almost upon us.

Whether that’s a good thing depends entirely on your mileage for watching a bunch of middle-aged dudes put themselves through the wringer in the name of our entertainment, but given that Jackass is one of Paramount’s most profitable franchises, having so far earned close to half a billion dollars at the box office on combined production costs that run to a little over $50 million, there’s clearly a sizeable fan base out there.

Although there’s going to be an air of bittersweetness to the proceedings given the ongoing Bam Margera saga, Jackass Forever looks to prove without a shadow of a doubt that age is indeed but a number. Johnny Knoxville and the gang are going all out to deliver the biggest, wildest, craziest, and probably most disgusting adventure yet because there’s surely no way these guys have got much left in the tank after this.

Having originally been scheduled for March 2021, Jackass Forever is finally coming to theaters on February 4, where it’s hoping to be one of the very few R-rated titles to enjoy major success, and it’s catered to exactly the demographic that could see it fly higher than even the most optimistic of projections.