Watch: first trailer for twisted John Malkovich thriller ‘Chariot’


Chariot, a brand new thriller starring John Malkovich, is dropping in April, and now the film’s first trailer has been shared online.

The premise of the film centers around a shady corporation and Malkovich’s eccentric psychiatrist character, Dr. Karn, who specializes in guiding unknown patients through the process of transitioning to reincarnation.

However, Thomas Mann’s Harrison experiences a recurring dream of a woman whom he loved in a previous life, Rosa Salazar’s Maria Deschaines, and seeks Dr. Karn’s help. The specialist must correct a glitch so that his patient’s future doesn’t become permanently derailed.

The film also stars Scout Taylor Compton, Vernon Davis, Chris Mullinax, and Shane West.

Chariot is written and directed by Adam Sigal, who previously penned 2007’s Daydreamer, which starred Aaron Paul prior to his breakout in Breaking Bad. He also wrote and directed 2019’s Stakeout starring Academy Award nominee Tom Berenger.

The movie seems reminiscent of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or even 1999’s Malkovich-starring Being John Malkovich, two other mind-bending sci-fi films. But, unlike those Charlie Kaufman-penned films, this movie looks to be veering more heavily into the thriller genre, rather than quirky comedy.

The eerie scenes of lurking figures wearing futuristic masks that somewhat resemble a plague doctor costume is another visually striking and spine-tingling element of the trailer.

Chariot comes to theaters, digital, and on demand April 15.