Watch The Full Disney Princess Scene From Ralph Breaks The Internet


Ralph Breaks the Internet is just a couple of days away from reaching cinemas, and it’s set to bring a plethora of familiar pop culture figures with it, from the Star Wars Stormtroopers to Buzz Lightyear. But the cameos that have really dominated the hype for this Wreck-It-Ralph sequel are those of the Disney princesses.

Vanellope’s scene with this all-star line-up has worked its way into nearly every trailer for the animated film, but courtesy of USA Today, we now have access to the full clip, moving from the princesses’ initial hostility towards Sarah Silverman’s character, to their eventual bonding over common tropes.

A few weeks ago, writer Pamela Ribon reflected on this satirical sequence, recalling how she wanted to include a scene of “Disney poking a little fun at itself.” Of course, in early script stages, you could argue that it was less a case of Disney poking fun at itself than Ribon poking fun at Disney, and so the scribe was a little worried that the studio wouldn’t be too pleased with her mocking all these cherished characters, telling

“So I wrote the scene, and I read it. And then I had a panic attack, and I laid down on the floor. And I was like, ‘Well I’m either going to be fired or this might be a big deal.’”

Evidently, the sequence made its way into the movie, and it sounds like this isn’t the only example of the film satirizing the legacy of its own studio, with many critics already praising the feature for this subversive streak. Interestingly, though princesses are fair game, co-director Rich Moore mentioned last month how the pic was originally going to include a jab at Kylo Ren from the Star Wars movies, likening Adam Driver’s villain to a spoiled child. In the eyes of Lucasfilm, however, this joke was deemed a step too far and the moment was ultimately taken out.

Nonetheless, you can expect plenty more crossovers when Ralph Breaks the Internet arrives in cinemas on November 21st.