Watch: Gina Carano rises from the ashes with ‘Terror on the Prairie’ trailer


The ever-incendiary former The Mandalorian star Gina Carano is making her big return to the screens, with the first trailer dropping for Terror on the Prairie.

The Ben Shapiro-backed media company The Daily Wire is behind the new Western film, which had confirmed Gina Carano’s casting mere days after she was first fired from The Mandalorian and Disney projects. The minute-long trailer showcases Carano front and center, and there can be no doubt it will cause controversy.

Revolving around a pioneering family, it sees Carano’s character fight back against a series of bandits and hoodlums. It sounds just a tad like an episode of a certain Disney Plus series she may have starred on prior to her firing.

Helmed by Michael Polish, part of the Polish Brothers director-writer duo, it’s unknown if the film will see a major cinematic release.

It stars a comprehensive rogues gallery of Gina Carano’s closest allies in Hollywood and the MMA sphere, as well as comic Tyler Fischer who has made a name for himself out of anti-vaccine and anti-mask views.

Terror on the Prairie does not have a firm release date set but is scheduled to release this coming summer.