Watch: New Godzilla Vs. Kong Footage Teases A Clash Of The Titans

Godzilla vs. Kong

Another unexpected twist in the tale of Godzilla vs. Kong arrived this week and for once, it was a positive one. Yes, as you may’ve heard, the next chapter in the MonsterVerse will now be with us sooner than expected, with Warner Bros. moving the epic monster mash from May to March, and Adam Wingard’s blockbuster is set to hit theaters and HBO Max on the 26th of the latter month now.

While this is certainly exciting news, it’s also understandably seen the calls to release the first trailer grow even louder. It was expected to debut at the virtual CCXP convention late last year, but all we got from Godzilla vs. Kong was a GIF, which obviously didn’t go over too well with fans.

But now, with just a few months until the blockbuster arrives, it seems that the marketing campaign is about to begin. Up above you can check out some awesome new footage from the pic which comes as part of an HBO Max promo that also teases several other big releases headed down the pipeline. And if you don’t already have a subscription to the platform, now may be the time to get one.

Of course, this is hardly a proper trailer for Godzilla vs. Kong and what we see here doesn’t amount to a whole lot, but given that it’s the meatiest look we’ve had at the film yet, we’ll gladly take it. And again, it would seemingly signal that things are about to kick off on the promotional front, which makes sense.

Questions still remain over whether Godzilla vs. Kong will be able to save the franchise, after the underwhelming performance of Godzilla: King of the Monsters, but we’ll stay cautiously optimistic until we see some more footage and with any luck, that’ll come within the next few weeks.