Godzilla Vs. Kong Fans Are Wondering Where The First Trailer Is

Godzilla vs. Kong

There was another unexpected twist in the tale of Godzilla vs. Kong yesterday when it was announced that the latest chapter in the MonsterVerse would be arriving ahead of schedule, with Warner Bros. moving the epic monster mash forward by two months. Adam Wingard’s blockbuster is now scheduled to hit theaters and HBO Max on March 26th, having already been shuffled around the calendar multiple times.

While this is good news for fans, it’s also seen the calls to release the first trailer grow even louder. The studio recently held a six-hour panel at the virtual CCXP convention, but all we saw from Godzilla vs. Kong was a GIF, leading to widespread disappointment among those who were fully expecting the first footage to be unveiled.

Now, we’re less than twelve weeks away from the movie arriving and there’s still no promo, which is a very unusual approach for a high profile sequel that’s rumored to have cost WB and Legendary at least $160 million to produce. And as you can see from the reactions below, while people are happy that they’ll get Godzilla vs. Kong earlier than expected, the lack of any sort of promotional material is causing widespread confusion.

For a while, it looked like Godzilla vs. Kong might end up being delayed even further after Legendary threatened WarnerMedia with legal action when they were blocked from selling the distribution rights to Netflix for $200 million, only for the project to wind up getting sent to HBO Max anyway. These differences have clearly been resolved, but the continued slump of the theatrical industry and a complete lack of a marketing campaign may have already signalled that the box office numbers aren’t going to be great.