Godzilla Vs. Kong To Release 2 Months Early In Theaters And On HBO Max

Godzilla vs. Kong

2021 is going to be a hugely important year for the continued success of the MonsterVerse. While the first two movies in the shared mythology took in half a billion dollars each at the box office, the numbers dropped pretty hard for Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Indeed, a haul of $386 million wasn’t exactly what the studio was looking for, especially considering it was a $200 million blockbuster.

At this point, then, there’s a lot riding on Godzilla vs. Kong and if it fails, then the entire MonsterVerse could go down with it. It’s been a bumpy road to release, too, as WB ordered extensive reshoots after a test screening went real bad, but thankfully, Adam Wingard’s movie is reportedly in much better shape with the additional footage now in place. However, the problems don’t end there.

We know that deciding to send the film to HBO Max on the same day it hits theaters led to all sorts of PR and legal nightmares for Warner Bros., but there’s finally some good news to report on, as Deadline brings word tonight that the release date has been bumped up by two months.

Instead of arriving on May 21st, Godzilla vs. Kong will now hit cinemas and the aforementioned streaming platform on March 26th. Clearly, that’s a positive change for fans, who’ll get to see the pic earlier than expected. And it also means that the first trailer should be here very, very soon. Likely this month.

We’ll be sure to share it with you right when it drops, but in the meantime, tell us, are you optimistic about Godzilla vs. Kong? Or have you already given up on the Monsterverse? Let us know down below.