Watch: ‘Gold’ trailer finds Zac Efron stranded in the desert


A relatively unknown survival film starring Zac Efron is set to hit cinemas next year on January 13, but a recent trailer release for Gold will hopefully spread awareness of the film’s existence, and it’s sure to get fans excited as it shows the heartthrob actor becoming slowly more and more battered as he struggles to survive in the desert.

The film follows Efron and his partner, played by Animal Kingdom’s Anthony Hayes. The pair scour the desert and find the biggest gold nugget ever discovered, but after failing to dig it up with what they have, they decide to split up. Efron chooses to stay and safeguard the gold, while Hayes drives to town to bring back equipment that will help them excavate the huge treasure.

Days pass and Efron can be seen looking more and more worn down by the harsh desert conditions. When his water begins to run out, he starts to spiral as his body begins to fail him, and his mind wanders to the possibilities that his partner has left him to die.

zac efron gold

Efron filmed the movie in late 2020 while living in Australia throughout the pandemic, and Gold shot in the harsh South Australian outback of the Flinders Ranges. This is quite a contrast to Efron’s usual roles where he often plays the hot arrogant type who looks very clean cut and pampered, such as his performances in the blockbuster comedies Bad Neighbors and Baywatch.

With just over a month left before Gold releases in cinemas, it will be interesting to see if the film can begin to stir up some excitement or if it’s destined to be left behind.