Watch: Henry Cavill Becomes The One In Highlander Deepfake


There can be only one, and it seems that it’ll be Henry Cavill.

Lionsgate is finally moving ahead with their reboot of the Highlander franchise, which has been stuck in development hell for a very long time now, with DCEU star Cavill attached to the lead role. Understandably, the internet is going crazy for the casting, and everyone’s eager to see how the Superman actor fares in the part.

Of course, we’re still a long ways away from getting any sort of glimpse in him in costume, let alone of him in action, but a new deepfake has surfaced this week which gives us at least a decent idea of what may be in store for us, and you can check it out up above.

The original 1986 pic had Mortal Kombat‘s Christopher Lambert in the lead as Connor MacLeod, though we still don’t know whether Cavill will be taking on that same role or if he’s playing someone else and the reboot will just maintain continuity with what’s come before. Either way, it’s an exciting prospect. Especially when you consider that John Wick co-director Chad Stahelski is behind the camera.

Indeed, Stahelski has proven himself as one of the action genre’s most promising filmmakers recently and has a whole slew of impressive credits under his belt both as a director and stuntman. Combine that with the fact that Cavill has already shown us that he works well in the fantasy genre – and specifically with swords and the like – in The Witcher, and Highlander looks like it’s about to make a big comeback in pop culture and find a whole new audience once the reboot eventually arrives. Whenever that may be.