Henry Cavill To Star In Highlander Reboot From John Wick Director

Henry Cavill

For a while there, the Highlander reboot was passed between a number of different writers and directors like the cinematic equivalent of a hot potato, and it seemed as if it would never get off the ground. The project finally sprang to life a few years ago, though, when John Wick co-director Chad Stahelski signed on to helm and develop it.

If you’re not familiar with the property, it revolves around a group of immortals battling each other for The Prize (which is apparently ultimate knowledge and power). As you might imagine, though, immortals are difficult to kill, with the only way to be sure that you’ve done the job being to sever their head from their body.

The 1986 original introduced us to the titular Highlander Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert), who was mentored by Sean Connery. And though it was kind of ridiculous at times, it’s definitely got a cult following who still sing its praises to this day. Where the reboot will take the property remains to be seen, but we can at least say it has some considerable star power behind it, as Henry Cavill has now boarded the pic in the lead role.


Deadline’s got the scoop on this one, and they report that it’s currently unclear whether Cavill is playing a brand new character or someone who already exists in the Highlander universe. But either way, it’s another big franchise gig for the actor, who seems to be putting his DCEU days firmly behind him now.

Indeed, he just signed on for Enola Holmes 2 as well, and there’s even been talk of him joining a potential Army of the Dead sequel. As for Highlander, though, it’s certainly easy to see the Man of Steel star fitting comfortably into the project given his work in The Witcher and we’re eager to watch the film continue to take shape.