Juan Carlos Fresnadillo Exits Highlander Remake

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has departed the upcoming Highlander remake, according to Deadline. His exit was due to creative differences with the studio, Summit Entertainment. Fresnadillo is the second director to depart, the first being Justin Lin, who was attached to direct at one point but dropped out to helm Fast and Furious Six.

Though Fresnadillo is now off the project, Ryan Reynolds is still rumoured to star and the studio is still eager to press on with the project and will quickly fill the gap that Fresnadillo left. Exact details on story and plot aren’t clear yet but the original Highlander centered on “Connor McLeod, a Scotsman who is among the last of immortal warriors known as Highlanders, who can only die if their heads are cut off.” It’s likely that this project will follow close to the original’s story and mythology but at this point, it’s unknown what direction they plan on taking the film in.

So now the director’s chair on the Highlander remake is open and the search for a new candidate is on. The project has had a tough time getting off the ground but it’s good to hear that Summit is still gung-ho and they are actively seeking a new director. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer to see who replaces Juan Carlos Fresnadillo because at this point, I’m starting to feel like this is one remake that we’ll never see come to fruition. But then again, is that necessarily a bad thing? Do we really need a Highlander remake? Is this something that people want to see?

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