Watch: Henry Cavill’s Superman Returns In Awesome Man Of Steel 2 Fan Trailer


Zack Snyder’s Justice League hasn’t closed the book on the SnyderVerse like Warner Bros. hoped. Instead, it’s only made DCEU fans even hungrier for further films starring Snyder’s heroes. Most of all, another solo movie for Henry Cavill’s Superman is a must for many. With a reboot in the works, the British actor’s future in the franchise remains unclear, but this epic fan-made trailer allows us to imagine what a Man of Steel 2 could look like nonetheless.

YouTuber Billster has created the video and pretty much brought DCEU lovers’ dreams to life. The suggested sequel picks up after Superman’s resurrection in Justice League, with the Last Son of Krypton teaming up with Ben Affleck’s Batman to battle the Legion of Doom, including Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor and Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke. The trailer also imagines Metallo entering the fray, and you can check it out up above.

While fans are fighting to get more of Cavill’s Kal-El, WB looks intent on rebooting the Kryptonian mythos in the DCEU. Sasha Calle is playing Supergirl in The Flash movie, but it’s currently unclear whether she’s connected to Cavill or not. J.J. Abrams is also producing a new Superman pic which is believed to star a black version of the hero. This character’s unlikely to be Clark Kent, so that does leave the door open for Cavill’s return, but the gap is getting narrower.

The good news for fans of The Witcher star is that he reportedly has Dwayne Johnson fighting in his corner. The pair are good friends and The Rock is pushing for the chance to battle Cavill’s Supes in the Black Adam franchise. Johnson is said to have a lot of sway with the studio, too, so if anyone can save Superman, it’s him. In the meantime, we’ll settle for exciting fan trailers like this one that remind us how awesome a Man of Steel 2 would be.