Henry Cavill Reportedly Talking With Dwayne Johnson About DCEU Return

Dwayne Johnson

As the SnyderVerse speculation continues to rumble on, Dwayne Johnson has now found himself becoming a regular part of the conversation, with various reports claiming that the Black Adam star is a staunch supporter of Zack Snyder’s Justice League and the filmmaker’s mythology.

While that’s hardy an earth-shattering reveal when a quick glance at the internet will instantly let you know that he’s certainly not alone in that school of thought, the 48 year-old also happens to be a contracted Warner Bros. talent set to headline a mega budget comic book blockbuster for the studio, not to mention his status as arguably the biggest name in Hollywood and a powerful producer who operates a burgeoning multimedia empire.

Then when you factor in his business partner Dany Garcia, who’s Henry Cavill’s manager, it stands to reason that Black Adam has become the most likely place for the DCEU’s canonical Superman to make his return. Cavill is still under contract, of course, but WB have hardly been willing to utilize him to his full potential as Kal-El, with insider Daniel Richtman offering up that the hulking duo have spoken about potentially reintegrating Superman into the franchise.

“Cavill is talking to The Rock on how to approach WB about him [coming] back,” says Richtman.

It makes sense from both a personal, business and storytelling perspective, and the only real stumbling block could conceivably be the studio, who’ve been frustratingly reluctant to make Cavill’s Kryptonian superhero a pivotal part of the franchise despite his Superman proving to be hugely popular with fans. Black Adam starts shooting in a couple of weeks, though, and given Dwayne Johnson‘s penchant for keeping his followers in the loop, major updates on the project will soon become a regular occurrence, whether they involve Cavill or not.