Watch: Idris Elba Praises GoldenEye In 1995 Reaction Video

Idris Elba

The world and life itself are full of little coincidences that often leave you wondering if some things are truly meant to be. A recently resurfaced reaction video from the summer of 1995 that shows a 22-year-old unknown named Idris Elba offering his thoughts on the latest James Bond blockbuster definitely fits that bill.

When Pierce Brosnan made his debut as 007 in GoldenEye, Elba was at the very beginning of his acting career, with just a handful of television episodes under his belt. Fast forward to now, and the actor is a major name in the industry, one who also happens to have been one of the front-runners to inherit the tux from Daniel Craig for years.

Throw in the fact that the footage has reared its head online just weeks before the current incumbent’s final outing in No Time to Die hits theaters, and things only get more bizarre. To check out what the young Elba had to say, you can watch the video below.

At the age of 49, it’s very unlikely that Elba will be asked to pick up the mantle of James Bond when the next casting search begins, but it’s an eerie stroke of incidental timing nonetheless. Now that the clip has gone viral, the next person to interview the Luther star will almost certainly be asking him for his thoughts on No Time to Die.