Watch: Awesome New Supercut Captures The Essence Of Star Wars


This week has been particularly rich in cool Star Wars videos. Yesterday, we reported on an extremely fun one from the official Star Wars Kids YouTube channel listing all the ships across the franchise. Now, a perfectly edited fan supercut condenses down the essence of Star Wars into two minutes and forty-two seconds and it’s going viral.

Created by YouTuber Redfoam and titled A Ride Through the Galaxy, the video features footage from all nine films in the Skywalker Saga, plus Rogue One, Solo and The Mandalorian. The YouTuber explains in the description that they were inspired by Gugga Leunnam’s similar Ride Through the MCU videos and wanted to do the same for Star Wars. And after watching this, I think it’s safe to say they’ve succeeded.

It seems they’ve also taken inspiration from George Lucas’ (in)famous philosophy during The Phantom Menace that Star Wars films should be “like poetry, sort of, they rhyme.” This means that there are multiple images and shots from earlier movies that are visually quoted in later ones. Sometimes this is overt like the iconic clashing of blue and red lightsabers and shots of a young Anakin mirroring later images of Darth Vader. Other times it’s more subtle, like character framing or camera motions during action scenes.

Redfoam’s video highlights many of these across the live-action entries in the franchise. But simply identifying them is just the beginning and this short video clearly has hours of blood, sweat and tears poured into it. Every cut syncs up with the soundtrack, resulting in a percussion of blaster bolts, lightsaber clashes and spaceship engines.

If you included The Clone Wars, Rebels and Resistance, you would certainly find a lot more examples of this, but I really like the visual consistency of the video and how it ties everything neatly together. It’s also nice to see The Mandalorian rightly taking its place alongside the very best of Star Wars.