Watch: New Jack In The Box Trailer Unlocks A Toy Demon

The Jack in the Box

While all of the major studios mull over whether to release their big summer movies on streaming services due to theaters closing because of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s a perfect time for small, low-budget films to have their moment. Preferably in the horror genre. Which is why I give you, The Jack in the Box.

We recently got a trailer for Abominable, which is about a group of poor folks who get picked off one by one by a crazed yeti. And before that there was Uncaged, about a killer lion. But now we come to The Jack in the Box, not to be confused with the popular fast food chain.

The movie follows a group of people who discover an old Jack in the Box toy. After its donation to a museum, an employee named Casey begins to believe that the toy is responsible for the deaths of his fellow co-workers. Judging by this new trailer, the pic appears to follow in a long line of possessed toy films like Child’s Play and Annabelle. And just like those others efforts, the characters apparently don’t realize what’s going on before it’s too late.

The Jack in the Box

Unlike Abominable, Uncaged or the recent VelociPastor, The Jack in the Box actually appears to have somewhat of a budget. The trailer’s quite brief, sure, but it looks promising. Jack is horrifying and the effects seem to be practical when it turns into a monster. Even the toy itself is very creepy and simple.

In short, if you want some level of sophistication in your low-budget horror movies, this looks like a step above those other creature features mentioned. It’s written and directed by Lawrence Fowler and stars Ethan Taylor, Robert Nairne and Lucy-Jane Quinlan, and so far, we’re holding out hope that it’s a worthy new addition to the genre.

We’ll find out soon enough, though, as The Jack in the Box releases on VOD, Digital HD and DVD on May 5th.