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Watch: Jamie Foxx drops undead bodies and quips in ‘Day Shift’ trailer

Vampires, action, and comedy are all present and accounted for.

Jamie Foxx has already starred in one of Netflix’s most-watched original movies ever thanks to his leading role in sci-fi superhero actioner Project Power, and he’ll be hoping to repeat the trick when Day Shift premieres on August 12.

A completely different kind of genre film, the Academy Award winner stars as a dedicated father, who pulls odd jobs in an effort to cobble together the money to pay for his daughter’s tuition and braces. Well, that’s what he wants the world to believe, because he’s actually a fearsome vampire hunter who makes a living take out the undead.

It’s a neat concept, and the trailer promises plenty of action, blood, bullets, and one-liners. Given that Snoop Dogg plays a prominent supporting role, you won’t be shocked in the slightest to discover that he gets the honor of dropping the “day shift, motherf*cker” bomb that everyone knew was going to factor into the script somehow.

Foxx is a solid action hero who tends to do his best work in broader fare when he’s allowed to inject a little levity into his performance, so Day Shift should be right up his street. Throw in the reliable Dave Franco as comic relief in a comedy-heavy movie, the perennially popular vampire angle, and the creative freedom afforded by Netflix to its filmmakers, and we could be talking about one of the streaming sleeper hits of the summer.

There’s just over a month to go until Day Shift arrives, so watch this space, because there’s going to be much more to come.

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