Watch: Jared Leto can’t control his urges in new ‘Morbius’ promo


Jared Leto’s Living Vampire can’t control his urges in the latest promo for Sony’s Morbius. The long-delayed Spider-Verse spinoff movie is finally entering theaters this April 1, finally giving Marvel fans a chance to see the Suicide Squad star in action as the eponymous bloodsucking anti-hero. And, from what the marketing has promised, Leto’s Morbius won’t shy away from the darker side of the comic book character.

In this new promo released to mark tickets going on sale for the film, Dr. Michael Morbius warns “there’s something inside of me,” stressing that “I have to stop this.” Jared Harris’ Nicholas, Michael’s Mentor, is then heard asking him “can you control this?” Over footage of Morbius in his vamp-form, employing his sonar and bat-like powers, Michael responds “I don’t know.” Check out the short teaser below:

In Morbius, Leto portrays a brilliant scientist suffering from a rare blood disorder who tries a dangerous cure that transforms him into a vampire-like creature. Struggling to contain the monster inside, Michael will be hunted down by the FBI, led by Simon Stroud (Tyrese Gibson). Adria Arjona is also in the cast as Martine Bancroft, Michael’s fiancée, with Matt Smith playing Milo, Morbius’ old friend with the same blood disease who’ll serve as the film’s main villain.

Unfortunately for director Daniel Espinosa’s picture, Morbius is often the butt of the joke online due to its many delays. It actually has a lot going for it, though, especially for those who’ve lamented the Venom movies sanding the edges off of their own cannibalistic protagonist. With any luck, it’ll prove to be an entertaining horror-flavored superhero flick. And maybe one that slips in a few welcome tie-ins to the MCU, not least Michael Keaton’s Vulture.

Don’t miss Morbius in cinemas this April. And, as the promo says, tickets are on sale now.

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