Watch: Jason Momoa Shares Intense Dune Training Video

Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa is no stranger to the rough and tumble world of the action genre, having starred in a slew of projects throughout his career that necessitated some intense training. However, none of them are anything like Dune, Denis Villenueve’s upcoming epic that’s already being described as a generational sci-fi masterpiece.

Of course, Momoa is already more than familiar with both the high concept and physical aspects of the genre following the second season of See premiering on AppleTV+ last month, but the actor has shared a new behind the scenes video from Dune on his Instagram that shows just how much effort he put into the combat sequences involving his character Duncan Idaho, which you can see below.

As the resident swordmaster of House Atreides, Momoa needed to convince that he was more capable at wielding a blade or two, and if the video is any indication, he’s definitely pulled it off. It helps that he’s become increasingly adept at mastering effects-heavy fantasy via his stints as Khal Drogo, Conan the Barbarian, the DCEU’s Aquaman and Netflix’s fantasy film Slumberland, so he’d have been a dab hand by the time he needed to execute his new moves on set.

Dune has been killing it at the international box office since opening a couple of weeks ahead of its domestic rollout, so we’ll need to keep our fingers crossed that it performs well enough on home soil to warrant that sequel everyone involved is desperate to see happen.