Jason Momoa Has Horns In First Look At New Netflix Movie


Netflix may have released a sizzle reel to tease the huge number of star-studded original movies coming to the platform before the year is out, but the streaming service has already dropped the first images from Jason Momoa‘s comic strip adaptation Slumberland, which isn’t expected to arrive until 2022.

Adapted from Little Nemo in Slumberland, which first started running all the way back in 1905, the Aquaman star plays Flip, who in the source material was depicted as a nine-foot tall half-man half-monster. And presumably in a decision made to capitalize on the actor’s smoldering good looks, the feature-length version is more than happy to stick a set of horns on his head and call it a day, as you can see for yourself in the images below.

The plot follows a young girl who ventures into a mystical land that only previously existed within her dreams, and Marlow Barkley’s lead will enlist the help of Jason Momoa‘s Flip to search for her missing father, who has long since been presumed dead. Little Nemo in Slumberland was previously brought to the screen in a 1989 anime, and Netflix have roped in some big hitters for their effects-heavy family film.

The Hunger Games and Constantine‘s Francis Lawrence is directing from a script by Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb scribes Michael Handelman and David Guion, who at least have previous when it comes to the high concept fantasy, while Kyle Chandler and Chris O’Dowd are also on board to lend support, although their roles haven’t been confirmed as of yet. Slumberland only started shooting in February, though, so things must be ticking along nicely enough for Netflix to debut these official images this soon.