Watch: A Legend Returns In Incredible Iron Man 4 Fan Trailer

Iron Man 4

2013’s Iron Man 3 is without a doubt one of Marvel’s more divisive movies, no one would argue with that. But still, it can’t be denied that Tony Stark’s third solo film was a bonafide hit, scoring big numbers at the box office and finding itself with more than enough people who’ll defend it to this day. Unfortunately, though, the founding father of the MCU has never been given a fourth standalone movie, and given that he died last year in Avengers: Endgame, that’s unlikely to change.

But that hasn’t stopped fans from calling for more Iron Man. Indeed, even though the hero was given a pretty perfect conclusion, the demand for a return of some sort has been loud in the months following Endgame. In fact, some have even taken it upon themselves to imagine what another solo outing for the Avenger would look like.

Case in point: This new fan trailer (see above) which comes to us from the very talented Billy Crammer. The YouTuber has put together an exciting little preview of what a potential Iron Man 4 could be, bringing Tony back into the fold and teasing us with something that unfortunately, we’ll probably never see for real.

All that being said, don’t expect for Robert Downey Jr. to just sit on the sidelines now and never return to the role that made him an icon. With a rumored cameo in Black Widow and whispers of there being talks between the actor and studio for a more substantial comeback, it seems he’s not done with Mr. Stark just yet.

But for now, if you’re looking for more Iron Man and want something that you haven’t seen already, this fan trailer will have to do the trick. At least, until the aforementioned Black Widow reaches theaters later this year.