Watch: The Boys Are Back In Lethal Weapon 5 Fan Trailer

Lethal Weapon 5

Late last year, We Got This Covered reported that Lethal Weapon 5 was happening and a couple of months later, producer Dan Lin confirmed our scoop, saying that director Richard Donner and stars Mel Gibson and Danny Glover were all set to return. And while the movie is still in the early stages of development, and may even now face a delay as well due to the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve got a little something to tide you over in the form of an awesome new fan trailer.

Of course, the mantra of the action franchise is, “I’m getting too old for this sh*t.” Gibson uttered those words in the original movie back in 1987 and if he considered himself old 33 years ago, what’s he going to look like now? Well, this new clip answers that very question, showing us detectives Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh back in action and though they do look considerably older, they’ve still got it.

And after the success of Bad Boys For Life as well as the rehabilitation (somewhat) of Gibson’s career following alcohol and legal issues, it seems there’s a lot of interest in seeing these two old dogs again on the big screen. Warner Bros. is so confident in the property, in fact, that they’re already developing a sixth movie.


As you can see, this trailer features a number of other Gibson films, too including The Beaver and Get the Gringo, and the only things missing are appearances by Rene Russo and Joe Pesci. Both actors haven’t been doing a whole lot lately, but Russo has popped up in a couple of Dan Gilroy (her husband) movies and Pesci made his long-awaited return in The Irishman for which he earned an Oscar nomination.

All things considered though, Lethal Weapon 5 could be a lot of fun, as we need a few more good old-fashioned R-rated action movies. So hopefully this one gets off the ground soon and delivers on the promise of this awesome fan trailer.