Lethal Weapon 5 Reportedly In Early Development, Gibson And Glover Likely To Return


Lethal Weapon fans, rejoice! It looks like you’ll be getting at least one more film in the iconic action franchise that defined the late eighties and the majority of the nineties.

According to our sources, Lethal Weapon 5 is currently in the early stages of development and will definitely be happening. Better yet, we’re told that both Mel Gibson and Danny Glover are expected to reprise their roles in the upcoming sequel. Joe Pesci is also rumored to be returning.

From what we understand, the movie will feature both of the detectives being pulled out of retirement for one last gig. While the storyline may sound a bit generic, it’s said that it’ll definitely please fans of the first four films. And though Gibson and Glover aren’t one hundred percent locked in yet, our sources – the same ones who told us Bill Murray would return for Ghostbusters 3 and that Disney is making a new Dragon Ball movie, which industry insider Daniel RPK recently corroborated – believe that there’s no reason why they wouldn’t be back. After all, this is the series that really helped define both of their careers and as such, it seems likely that they’ll want to give it one last go-round if asked.

For those unfamiliar, Lethal Weapon is an American buddy cop action comedy franchise that kicked off in 1987. The four movies, which were periodically released up until 1998, were all directed by Richard Donner and share many of the same core cast members. A television show with the same title ran from 2016 to 2019 with an entirely different group of younger actors, but was never able to emulate the success of its namesake. While the original flick was not explicitly intended as a comedy, it featured a fair amount of comic relief throughout, and the sequels and television series continued to grow more comedic in nature as time went on.

Lethal Weapon 5 has been rumored for the past few years, of course, but despite no firm updates from the cast or studio just yet, our sources insist that it’s now in early development, with Gibson and Glover expected to return, too. And as soon as we learn more about what’s coming our way, we’ll be sure to let you know.